WATCH: Kari Lake Decides Whether To Serve As Donald Trump’s Vice President

Kari Lake, a rising star in politics and the Republican nominee for governor of Arizona, has stated that she is not interested in one particular position.

She rejects the idea of running with former President Donald Trump for the position of vice president. She answered a question from Jon Karl on the ABC program “This Week” this past weekend regarding her willingness to serve as governor of Arizona for four years.

My question is, if you’re elected, will you commit to serving all four years as governor?” the host asked.

I’m going to serve eight years as governor of Arizona,” she stated.

KARL: But I’m asking, is that a commitment that you will finish your team?

LAKE: Yeah, I’m going to serve eight years. Listen —

KARL: Even if Donald Trump comes to you and says, I want you to be my running mate, you will say no because I made a commitment for me to serve —

LAKE: I just have to laugh at this question. First of all —


KARL: Well, I mean, I’m not asking because I think you should be his running mate, it’s just that this was something written in “The National Review”. And one of our top supporters, I won’t say who, told me just a couple of days ago, she’s the running mate if Trump runs.


KARL: But my question was just a simple one, you’re committed?

LAKE: Okay. I just — I’m hearing this a lot on the campaign trail and what I think is happening, Jonathan, is the media is trying to scare the public I’m going to leave. I am devoted and dedicated to saving Arizona —

KARL: All four years.

LAKE: — to turning it around. And I like to say I’m the fake news’ worst nightmare. I’m going to be their worst nightmare in Arizona for eight years. I’m going to have two terms as governor.