WATCH: During It’s Debut at the Equipment Expo DeWalt Electric Lawnmower Erupts Into an Inferno

Companies are doing everything they can to get their “green” electric products on the market as soon as possible. Are they doing this because people want it so much? No. They are doing it to push a progressive ideology, which is the worst reason ever. You will fail if you don’t pay attention to the market and make products that people want. Remember when Obama was in office and there was a big “solar” boom? All those “green jobs” that everyone was supposed to be getting?

You probably don’t remember because they all failed so fast. People in America aren’t ready for big changes. Now, many people who live in big liberal cities probably love the idea of an electric car, if they even drive. Most people in these cities walk or take public transportation. But EVs don’t make much sense for people who live in the suburbs and drive long distances.
But no matter what, companies are going crazy making “green products,” and it looks like karma is having great time with them along the way.

During an equipment show, the popular tool company DeWalt saw their electric lawnmower prototype catch fire. Things got so bad that the fire department had to put out the fire. Seriously, these ion battery fires are not something you want to mess with. They are so risky.
If you use social media, you may have heard from Protool Reviews that a prototype DeWalt battery-powered zero-turn lawn mower caught fire on the first day of Equip Expo 2022 (formerly GIE). We don’t know of any injuries, which is good. Even though it makes for interesting headlines and a lot of talks, I think there are some things to add.
First of all, this DeWalt Ascent battery-powered zero-turn lawn mower was a prototype, not a final model that will be sold. After the press conference where the mower was announced, we talked to the president of Stanley Black & Decker, Christine Potter. She told us that making this is even harder than making an electric car. You are adding spinning blades and making it much tougher for the environment it needs to thrive in.
You don’t expect your prototypes to have problems this big, but you do expect to find places where they could be better. In the design process, this is why there is a step called “prototype.” Read more