WATCH: Kari Lake Boldly Declares What She Will Do On Day One of Being Governor and Has a Little Something to Say About Epstein

Kari Lake, who is running for governor of Arizona, seems like she wants to be the Ron DeSantis of the southwest. Lake is honest and seems to have a backbone and a sense of right and wrong.

Since she announced her candidacy against the RINO one year ago, Kari Lake has thrown fire into the cultural mess by criticizing Doug Ducey, who does conservative things when he wants to and then sells out the state just as often. Her recent tweet is no different:

“In a few months, it will be 3 years since his death and I would just like to remind everyone that Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself. Thank you for your time.”

How many politicians have called Epstein’s death into question in public? How many other people who want to be politicians have done the same? Even a no-nonsense guy like DeSantis has stayed away from those murky waters most of the time. Leaders need to speak out loudly against the obvious immoral corruption among the rich and powerful. If not, they are just adding to the problem.

Even though it’s clear Epstein didn’t kill himself, has it really been three years? I understand that time stopped for two years while globalists tried to stop freedom, but still. It doesn’t feel at all like three years have passed.

Like how she talked about Epstein’s death, Lake has a lot of Trump-like talking points. She is honest and tells it like it is. Her years as a newscaster are also a plus, as they have given her a certain charisma and the ability to give clear and precise information.

Here are just a few more examples:

“The same people that brought you this are now going to pivot back to lecturing us on WOMEN having the “right” to terminate a pregnancy. Just watch.”