‘That is Paranormal Activity’ Florida Driver Explains to Cops He’s Cursed ‘I’m going to…skin you alive.’

Police pulled over a man in Florida who was driving a car with only two tires on it. He said that paranormal activity was to blame.

Andres Orjuela-Montealegre, age 29, was stopped on an I-75 ramp near Marion Oaks at about 4 a.m. on October 23 after Marion County Sheriff’s deputies saw that the car’s hazard lights were on and that the driver’s side tires looked flat.

The deputy then realized that the tires weren’t flat, but that they were missing and that Orjuela-Montealegre was “driving on what remained of the rim,” the sheriff’s office wrote on Facebook.

When the deputy asked Orjuela-Montealegre about the damage to his car, he said that someone had put a curse on him and that he had hit a curb too hard. Body camera footage shows that the driver said he was given a “do or die” choice: either drive home without tires or set the car on fire and sleep on the median.

The driver was then told to get out of the car, but he didn’t look very stable on his feet. The deputy asked him to do some tests to see if he was under the influence. He started swearing and insulting, and he told the deputy that his car was damaged by “paranormal activity.”

The driver said, “Someone put a curse on me. That is paranormal activity.” In the end, Orjuela-Montealegre threatened deputies.

If you mess with me right now, let me tell you something, I’ll break your head with a baseball bat,” he said to the deputy. “I’m going to…skin you alive.”