WATCH: Obama Can’t Handle the Hecklers “Come On”

Barack Obama, who was president from 2009 to 2013, has been a big part of the midterm campaigns for the Democrats in 2022. He is making the rounds in Georgia, Michigan, and Wisconsin, and he has lent his name to the Fetterman campaign. Each stop shows that Democrats are worried about losing these close elections.

And even though many Democrats love Obama and don’t seem to care or notice that his disastrous eight years have caused a lot of the fighting in politics today, not everyone is in the sheep herd.

When Obama was in Michigan to support the tyrant Gretchen Whitmer’s bid for reelection, one heckler really got to him. As he talked, you could tell that he is aware of it and tries to ignore it, but eventually, he talks about it. He talks, picks him out of the crowd, and tries to get through. Surprisingly, he gives up and has to talk to him straight on.

This is how democracy works.

As they did with AOC before him, the crowds that used to like well-known members of the Democratic regime are now turning against them. Even though we can’t hear what the heckler was saying, we can only guess that he or she was calling the speaker and/or the Democrats frauds, liars, warmongers, tyrants, or fools. Since it was clear that the former president was distracted and couldn’t go on, maybe it was more colorful.

Only time will tell. Every second of these two minutes is worth it: