“Is That a Threat?”: Gutfeld Hits Back Hard at Liberal Co-Host, Refuses to Back Down

Things got tense on Fox News Channel’s hit show, “The Five,” when its star host right now, Greg Gutfeld, got in a spat with his leftie co-host, Jessica Tarlov.

The two got in a fight when discussing the state of Twitter now that Elon Musk owns it and seems willing to turn it into a somewhat freer platform, or at least one on which the regime has a harder time pushing its narrative and shutting down alternative perspectives.

Their discussion led to the Paul Pelosi story, with Gutfeld telling Tarlov that she was getting “too emotional” about the story as the various co-hosts of “The Five” discussed Elon Musk’s tweet about the Paul Pelosi story and Elon’s tweet on the matter.

In that now-deleted tweet, Elon promoted the theory that Paul Pelosi was not randomly attacked by Davide DePape in his home, but rather that the two ended up in a fight after some dispute, and that they had a relationship.

Elon did so by commenting “There is a tiny possibility there might be more to this story than meets the eye” on a tweet of Hillary Clinton’s about the subject of the attack on Paul Pelosi.

In any case, Tarlov was getting angry about Musk’s tweet, saying that he was “promoting complete lies”. Gutfeld commented that he was just “trolling” the failed presidential candidate, to which Tarlov got even angrier, saying “It’s not a joke.”

Because there’s apparently nothing funny about the husband of the Speaker of the House having a nudist wedding guy over at his house late at night and the two men being arrested in their underwear, and then the richest man in the world hinting that it might have been a lovers’ quarrel rather than a break-in.

And that’s what Gutfeld hit Tarlov with the line about her getting emotional, saying:

“It is. Look at you. You are getting too emotional about this. You should be enjoying the [free speech.]”

Tarlov got angrier, saying “Just because I’m at a higher pitch than you doesn’t mean I’m more emotional than you. It’s just estrogen.” Read more