WATCH: Dumb and Dumber! Lemon and Fetterman Have a Painful Conversation

It looks like Don Lemon is doing pretty well with his new job. At least, that’s how it looks if you watch for just five seconds. He still knows how to stir up fake hysteria and make people afraid of their basic rights to exist.

He also hasn’t stopped pushing a radical leftist agenda. Everything about Don Lemon in the morning is the same as what he does in the evening. The good news for the rest of us is that Lemon will keep giving us clips and soundbites of pure nonsense.

In one of these clips, Demoted Don asked Caveman Fetterman to be a guest on his show. It’s hard enough to imagine that there are people who wake up in the morning and think, “Huh, I want to hear what Don Lemon has to say!” Even harder to imagine is that anyone ever wakes up and thinks, “Wow, listening to John Fetterman stutter and stammer gives me a lot to think about!”

But you could say the same thing about CNN as a whole, so here we are.

Captioning their tweet “The dumbest person in cable news interviews a brain damaged senate candidate. Painful to watch,” one user posted this horrible conversation between a phony serious host and a phony serious Senate candidate. The host asked the candidate what he thought about Elon Musk owning Twitter.

Lemon starts the terrible interview, which is really just free advertising for Democrats, by asking Fetterman, who isn’t in good health, what he wants Elon Musk to know now that he owns Twitter. What’s the point of the question, besides getting Fetterman to try to talk? This means that Musk shouldn’t own Twitter and shouldn’t be able to make it open to free speech, which are both scary ideas. Read more