Sting Operation Has a Whole New Meaning When Police Officers Were Attacked by Bees Because of This Woman

On October 12, police in Longmeadow, Massachusetts, attempted to serve an eviction notice but were rebuffed by a furious lady. Rorie Susan Woods, however, instead of using words or physical force, employed bee swarms that she had brought to the location in crates to assault the cops.

As the eviction was taking place, according to CBS News, Woods approached the Longmeadow residence. She turned around and returned to the crates she had behind her truck, leaving her dog in it as she started tearing apart the crates. Soon, the air was filled with hordes of agitated, buzzing bees.

Sheriff Nicholas Cocchi of Hampden County said in a statement, “A Sheriff’s deputy tried to stop her, but as the agitated bees started getting out and circling the area, he pulled back.”

Cocchi continued, “She then smashed the lid, and flipped a hive off of the flatbed, making the bees extremely aggressive. They swarmed the area and stung several officers and other innocent bystanders who were nearby.”

Woods put on a beekeeper’s uniform as the police dispersed. She then attempted to halt the eviction, which Boston 25 reports has been going on for almost two years, by carrying a “tower of bees” to the front door. The swarms of agitated bees continued to attack anyone within stinging distance in the meantime. The Washington Post said that many onlookers, three deputies, and a sheriff’s office photographer all had stings to their cheeks, hands, and heads. Two deputies were ultimately able to drag Woods to the ground and take her into custody. One of the deputies reprimanded her as they led her to a police cruiser while she was still dressed in her beekeeping outfit. He mentioned that a few of the cops had bee allergies.

Oh, you’re allergic?” The Washington Post said that Woods apparently responded, “Good.”